8th AGM

The 8th AGM was held at Kanasu, an eco-friendly, people- friendly , cafe run by Shobana, at Hotel Preethi Palace.

Braving the traffic most of the active local members turned up.

Kalyani , Roopa , Geetha , Nivishna, Jyothi, Sangeetha, Sapna, Prema, Sheela, came. Mr. B.J. Krishnan, our advisor was there to listen and commend; along with Dr.Vanaja .

New members Shalini , Desiree were welcomed. As was Karuna S, who made the effort to turn up later and contribute to the discussion.

People who had headed some of the programs of last year made their reports, gave us an idea of the expenses involved, the impact on the children and their wish to continue it for the coming year.

Geetha on the Spoken English program of TM school

Sapna on the Birthday celebrations held every two months

Jyothi on the Kutties Carnival,

Sangeetha on the program at Main Bazaar School,

Nivishna on the Wednesday Afternoon craft Class,

Kalyani on the Sports Program at the TM school

Roopa rounded it up with a comprehensive report and Power point presentation with pics to make a greater impact

Budget for the past year was presented.

Members of the next Executive committee were nominated and passed unanimously.

And then the discussions for the next year began.

Lots of ideas flowed and were discussed with pros and cons. Finally we had to break up for lunch.

A good meeting with great interaction







The TEAM Celebrates!!

After all the hard work of the Jumble Sale, we wanted to celebrate the high spirits and great teamwork. Roopa organised the gathering into meeting at Hotel Nahar, Charing Cross, Ooty for a gay lunch .


L to R: Jyothi Mehta, Nivishna, Nikita, Sapna, Sangeetha, Harshita (hidden), Roopa, Geetha, Kalyani, Sheela, Sumathi

celeb2. A happy and colourful team

AGM, 2014

The Annual General Body Meeting was held on  Saturday, 19th July , 2014 at Siragugal Library premises at 3 p.m.

The meeting was well attended and several pertinent issues were discussed.

Rakesh, Kalyani, Dr.Sheela Nambiar, Sumathi, Sophia

Dr.Vanaja, Sangeetha, Nikita and Nivishna
r.Sheela discusses issues with Sumathi while Sophia chats with Dr.Vanaja


Jyothi cuts her cake to mark the 5th anniversary of Siragugal and her birtday

Farewell party

We bid farewell to Joel, from Hebron School who has been teaching students here at Siragugal for over a year.

IMG_2953Joel has been extremely popular with the children, especially the boys.  He  prepares well for his classes and is committed whether there are 2 students or 20.  And has been able to communicate speaking in English alone.

Joel brought a very fresh outlook to the discussions at our meetings.

He hosted a treat for the boys many of whom became tearful. His Mom Annette made a wonderful cake for the boys.

We also presented mementos of books to 4 of our most regular students – Libin, Vignesh, the ever talkative Vishnu and Sam.



Vishnu, Sam and Praveen

IMG_2952Sangeetha, Geetha and Roopa inscribing the books to be given to the boys.

Sunshine and Lunch Meet

A meet with the volunteer members of Siragugal is always an invigorating affair.  Set in a lovely green  park,  it is even better. Add to it, great home cooked food brought  by all the members and we had a perfect lunch meet. The sun decided to shine just for us.


Discussion was the ongoing new After School Hours program at Siragugal.

And our prime objective right now – to buy a vehicle to transport children to and fro. And so we are holding a jumble sale.  We discussed  responsibilities , strategy and people we could tap to contribute.

A great meet and one we hope will happen often. Next time we thought we could hold a meet on a train trip to Coonoor as some of our members haven’t been on the Nilgiris Mountain railway!

Present were Madhavi, Geetha, Sapna, Nivishna, Jyothi , Sangeetha and Kalyani


Annual General Body Meet

The 4th AGM of Siragugal was held on Monday, the 3rd of June at our library premises.  It began with the admission of several new members which heralds fresh thought, ideas and hope .

A meeting devoid of much fanfare and protocol, it brought together like minded people and there was lots of healthy debate and discussion.

New members inducted today were Dr.Sheela Nambiar, Sapna, Sangeeetha Doulath, Preethi, Dr.Sindhura, Madhavi and Susan Daniel.

After an admission fee was paid, there was a small discussion on raising the fee. It was decided to keep it at this level to bring in many more new people into the fold.

Secretary Kalyani read out the report on the year’s activities which seem to have been quite a lot for an organisation of this size.

Jyothi read out the financial report and it was passed.

There was a lot of discussion on the way the next year’s activities should go.

Finally there was the election of the new executive committee and the new team will have Dr.Sheela Nambiar , Geetha Pillai, Kalyani, Sapna Parekh, Jyothi Doulath and  Anita Devaraj, a mix of the old and new.

IMG_2055President Dr.Vasantha makes a point. Seriously listening are Mr.B.J.Krishnan, Dr.Jeyaram and Dr.Vanaja Krishnan

IMG_2049Serenely smiling DrIndra Nambiar, Sumathi and Kalyani

IMG_2059Sapna, Dr.Sheela and Susan seriously consider a ratification

IMG_2056Madhavi debates with Sheela while Preethi happily look s on. Sangeetha does the hostess bit with coffee.


New members Doulath and Dr. Sindura are absorbing new ideas while biding their time

IMG_2052The meeting gets lighter. Jyothi dissolves in bright happy  laughter.

Volunteers Come together

A very productive meet happened this week  among the teachers and would be teachers of the Lets Speak English program. We met to review the program, discuss what we could do differently and ways to go ahead.

It created a lot of energy.  A meeting of equals with respect for all ideas. The youngest was Jude, an American student in the Hebron School who volunteers for reasons of his own . He listened to all the other speaking  and summarized very well and came up with incisive points.

Under discussion was the ongoing program to teach 30 children of the Thalaiyattumund school. Newcomers were surprised when they realized the cost of the program. And some volunteers were a little upset when they realized the program was to last only three months because they were getting attached to the children.

There was some debate over whether we should continue to teach this group to  a certain conclusion or help with many more students. Finally, we decided to meet with the parents and then make a decision.

What gained a lot of interest was the idea of two new people from Coonoor, Daisy Paul and Susan,  who want to introduce learning through drama. Members were so enthusiastic about the idea that the introducers were taken aback. It had been a bee buzzing around in their heads and now they were being forced to take some concrete action. We hope it will take some shape on Saturdays. And a cultural program can be presented to parents and all at the end of 3 months.

We were all so involved that no one  took any photographs. A photo op with some good looking women lost. Sometime it will happen.





New Initiative

Children drop into the library sporadically. Children who turn up one Saturday may not turn up on the next, so its hard to sustain any program.

We thought we must enlist the support of parents who can make sure that their children are there.

We met the parents of the Thalaiyattumund Municipal school at a PTA meeting. We asked them what they want. How do they want us to help their children. What visions do they have?

Their response was very enthusiastic. They see bright futures ahead for their children. They want English classes, Hindi classes, computers, karate, drawing and …

Why aren’t they coming there then? we asked. We don’t want to send them alone. We go off to work and we don’t think sending them alone by bus is safe.

But the parents were prepared to spend money if transport can be arranged.

It was decided to engage a few autos to send the children to our library everyday for 3 months . We would give them  an intensive course in Spoken English. The children have to be present everyday to benefit.

And so , we begin on December 19th, striking while the iron is still hot. We want a class of only 20 to start with. We plan to have lots of volunteers who might even take only one class. But a sense of involvement and ownership will begin, we hope.


Three years ago, we met at the house of BJ Krishnan and Vanaja.  With fanfare and happiness,  BJ handed over a document registering Siragugal as a Society.

It was Jyothi’s birthday and as our youngest and most enthusiastic member, we were happy to celebrate her birthday and our coming together as a body to create a library.

We didnt anticipate at the time of joyous celebration and anticipation, the two years of struggle, raised and dashed hopes  we would experience to find a room where we could establish a library.

But now, we have created a cosy and cheerful room where children can come and read. And we celebrated the anniversary with cake and laughter.



Our first idea was to create a reading room. And now we have done that, we want to move on.

We have seen that to read, children need the building blocks of vocabulary and a little bit of grammar. So now our goal is to  provide them at the elementary level to as many children as we can.

We are launching a program of teaching basic English words at two schools starting August.

Simultaneously, we are launching a program for ‘Speaking English’ on Saturdays  at our premises. 

And we also have the goal of buying a vehicle to ferry children to our programs as distance and transport seem to be the biggest blocks of children coming to our library. 

So these are our programs for the coming year.

Annual General Body Meeting

President Dr.Vasantha finishes her welcome amidst good cheer. She is flanked by BJ. Krishnan looking very dapper and new member Sharadha, with Ritu.

Sharadha, Rajsekar and Dr.Jeyaram . Everyone looks grim – maybe this was the discussion on finances.

Lalitha Mohanraj who looks as if she is pondering whether she will join the team. Sumathi is weighed down by responsibilities as new Treasurer.

Bright in blue is Dr.Indra Nambiar who joins us today .

Dr.Vanaja  and Geetha.

Krishnamurthi , a new member brought in Bobby Chemmanur of Chemmanur Jewelers, a very surprise visitor.  He was pleasant and charming, agreed to become a member and as we hoped, volunteered to make a donation.