The smell of Baking!

What can be more wonderful than making your own cookies in any shape and size you can dream of , watching them being baked and then taking them home proudly to show the neighbourhood?

Jyothi of Ooty’s Goodies gave the children of Thalaiyattumund Municipal School this delicious opportunity. On 28th January, 2017, Nivishna and Kalyani ferried 12 kids of standard VIII to Jyothi’s cookie factory on Peytons Road, Ooty.

Dough in two colours was kept ready on the kneading table for them to cut shape and create to their hearts content. The kids used all the cutters of different shapes and sizes, competing to produce the most different cookies. Even the adults were drawn into the fun. Jyothi had to cry halt and push the trays into the oven. Meanwhile they were given a tour of the process . Questions flowed on and on.

They went home happy with their cookies in special bags. And of course, all of them want to become bakers when they grow up!





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