How many more Days to my Birthday

Birthdays are the most awaited event in a child’s life. Surpassing Deepavali, school day and even excursions. Its a day when anyone, from child to adult, feels extra extra special. A day when every moment is spent in the hope of being singled out and made a fuss of.

But for some children, the hope dies out at the end of the day; with just an extra note of attention being showered on them. No cake, or candles, no gifts, no song, nothing much singles out this day from others.

So Sapna of Siragugal came up with the idea of birthday parties. We would host one every month to celebrate all the birthday kids of that month.There would be cake and song and games and gifts!

Sapna bottles up her fizz to let it out on special occasions and how the kids enjoy it all. There she is with her team of Sangeetha , Prema, Geetha and whoever is available to sing and dance and follow her lead in uninhibited gaiety.

Special thanks to Jyothi and her family who supply the gorgeous cakes every month



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