Blowing on the Buds

Once a bustling School , the centre of the lives of hundreds of children; the Municipal School in Main Bazaar is now a ghost of its former self, with only 9 children on the rolls. When a govt  school  strength is tiny ; the kind of parents sending their children here have to be  neglectful or  ignorant or in such dire straits that the education of their children hardly matters to them .

When they  join the school, some of  the children barely whisper or look people in the eye. With continued attention, they blossom and grow.

Siragugal has deputed one of its most beloved volunteers to get these children to open up.

Sangeetha ‘becomes one with the children’ says the HM. She teaches, laughs, cajoles, jokes, sings, acts her way into their hearts. And the children are opening up as they recite rhymes, draw, speak up and laugh.

Constantly thinking about how best they can be helped, Sangeetha is giving her best to these children. We hope her lessons may continue long.



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