The Jumble sale

As a fund raising activity, it was decided that a jumble sale should be held. March seemed a convenient time , just before school exams and the first week  when people still have some money in their pockets seemed a good choice. It should be held on a Tuesday, market day for all labourers in the estates, was an opinion voiced by some quarters. In retrospect , not such a good rule to follow but Tuesday and Wednesday, March 10th and 11th, 2015  were picked for the jumble sale.

The team participated wholeheartedly.

Nivishna managed to get the Srinivasa Perumal Mandapam right opposite the market for the two days . The Chettiar Assocation gave it free for a good cause.

Aditi Devason designed the poster to be put up in various spaces all over the town.

Jumble sale poster-page-001

After spreading the word around to friends and family about cleaning up their houses and getting rid of clutter, space was needed to collect and store the stuff. Sapna Parekh persuaded the YWCA to give us a room for 3 days just to do this. jumblesale13

People came and dropped off books, clothes, curios, shoes, socks, household items, … For 2 days we sorted, repacked, labelled, put on prices and enjoyed a lot of camaradiere. We had decided to focus a lot on electronic waste and collected many items to be disposed later.

Handbills were distributed to schools, in and around the market.

Roopa contributed her usual professionalism by collecting huge cartons while Jyothi brought in several plastic bags. Sheela Powell organised the tables and chairs for the sale. Roopa made the tags for baskets and bags to be left outside the hall by shoppers. Nikita, Harshita, Nivishna, Geetha, Aditi, Jyothi worked hard to sort everything out into different boxes and bags.



                                                                      On D- day , when we opened at 10 am, a crowd of shoppers were thronging outside. Sales were brisk and fast. Some people came back again and again.


NIkita enjoying a moment at the Art table





Geetha and Sumathi at their Anything for 10Rs. stall which did brisk sales throughout


Aditi and Saideepa pose during a lull

jumblesale12Lunch was sponsored by Durga Hotel and Amirtha Hotel for all the volunteers for the two days.

Sapna came up with the bright idea of a lucky draw. Her son, Manav, inveigled many customers into buying a ticket. Winner of the draw, Revathi, receives her prize from Sumathi.

It was a great sale, weaving the volunteers into a tighter, stronger happier team.

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