And more – Vidyavanam7

To remind us of the approach to  education of some great visionaries and thinkers ; there was a panel discussion from four different schools of thought – Gandhi, Tagore, J.Krishnamurthi and Aurobindo reprsented by Dr.M.P.Mathai, Dr.Uma Dasgupta, Mr.Alok Mathur and Dr.V.Ananda Reddy

Dr.Rajan Gurukul , Professor and Director, School of Social Sciences, Mahatma WP_20140529_002Gandhi University, Kottayam, gave an eye opening talk on Social Sciences and Citizenship. He showed us how the dominant part of society decides what knowledge is important . And then knowledge of ‘lesser people’ is marginalized.

Dr.Pramod of the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History opened our eyes to the wonderful world we live in with his passion.  There are 14000 types of flowers in India and so , 14000 types of leaves. Observe, enjoy, revel in the natural world.

Communicate your joy to the young. Get them to trace bark on trees and see the differences. Teach them to look at plants and flowers and bees. Show them how to appreciate the natural world.

The very young Dr.Anish Mokashi who worked as a science teacher at Vidyavanam demonstrated to us how science can be taught at school, as something that kindles the curiosity and observation of students. He taught us that classes should be participatory if we want children to find meaning in their studies. 

There were a choice of workshops in the afternoon which were interesting. And created interaction among participants.  A dazzling  cultural show in the evening by the students of vidyavanam

A cornucopia of stimulating and reinvigorating ideas.

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