Education for a Caring Society – Vidyavanam1

Vidya vanam, school for tribal children at Anaikatty near Coimbatore conducted a National vidyavanam1Conference on Education for a Caring Society on May 29th -30th, 2014. Nivishna and Kalyani attended . It was a mind opening   experience. Supported by  polite, caring staff, impeccable arrangements and great food 🙂

Vidya Vanam is a wonderous place, set in the verdant hills of the Western ghats. It is a school run on alternate lines run by the wonderful, indomitable Mrs.Prema Rangachari,  supported by the Bhuvana Foundation, for the tribal children of the area.The success of the school is seen by the confidence with which the children speak, behave, sing and dance.

The two day conference brought together a number of intellectual,  questioning minds and a host of people working with children, many of them, school teachers. Interacting with like minded people was a real high.

‘ True education cannot stop with oneself;  it should diffuse into society.  We must understand that we are interdependent. Well being has a ripple effect . The concept of caring and sharing plays a crucial role.’ This was the underlying concept of the conference.

One heartwarming happening was hearing ‘ Siragugal? Yes, I ‘ve heard about it’  fairly often.



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