Sensitising thro the Radio

On Saturday, 22nd of March, 2014, we set off for another round of recording for the local FM channel.

The concept is to record a series of programs where a teacher interacts with students on a variety of topics in English. The programs are to be broadcast during the lunch break and  every government school will be listening in.

It is a collaborative scheme between the CEO (Chief Educational Officer), Nilgiris and Madhavi, Station Director, AIR, Ooty. And Siragugal has been chosen to implement the program.

The students speak in English, make mistakes, are corrected on the air and carry on.  The idea is that children who are listening will connect more when children just like them are making mistakes and persevering, to speak correctly.

In this session, the topics were chosen to sensitize children about some of the issues that confront them. Each of our volunteers worked with the children on one topic, drawing out their thoughts about it. Only because we have been working with these children over a period of time, did they open up to us.


Roopa interacted with the children about children with special needs and their reactions to them. The second topic was about  grandparents and older people whose needs too are a little special.

Sapna brought a little heartache to everyone discussing alcoholism and the scenes that happen everyday at home, as a result of this. The discussion went on to abandonment. Two of our children told their own stories.


Kalyani discussed what they would do and need to do when they meet foreigners and other strange looking people. While Nivishna brought up pollution in various forms.

Jyothi managed a very lively discussion on computers . Sapna finished with the all consuming passion of TV watching and their favorite programs.



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