Elegance is a Way of Life

It is a balmy, sunny  evening. Evening tea has been set up on the lawns. There are a couple of waiters in green blazers embroidered with ‘Fortunate to Serve you’ and bright smiles, standing behind a table covered with starched white linen. There are stacks of clean white plates, crisp napkins. There is a tray of orange cake cut in  thick slices. There is a generous heap of dainty  cookies. There is a choice of delicious coffee and aromatic tea to be served in large white cups.

And there are the children of Siragugal. Awed, excited and a little subdued by the elegance, they sit delicately on the wrought iron benches on the lawn, sipping tea and enjoying every moment of the experience.


There is Chef Nataraj of Sullivan Court  with his tall cap of crisp white corrugated paper, playing host to children of Siragugal. He has just given them a tour of the lovely Hotel Sullivan Court from the kitchens to the Reception.










The part they enjoyed immensely !






We gather around the circle of tree trunks to drink coffee and revel in the happiness of the excursion. We are happy that there are people like Nataraj and the GM, Murali of Sullivan Court who have  welcomed these children and allowed them a glimpse into a more elegant world.  We are happy to be in the sunshine, happy to have got this little cluster here today, happy in the harmony of this group, happy to be together, happy in the moment.




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