A Volunteers Speaks

I always felt comfortable working around with kids. All you have to do is be yourself and they accept you as you are and are always eager to learn from you. Its so easy to please them with just a word or action.  There was this one moment I had when this particular child showed her appreciation by a hug and the next time I felt a flutter when she gave me a kiss.

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m helping them or are they boosting my ego.

Teaching English to the under privileged kids at Siragugal has been an experience in itself. Listening to their  stories  has made me realise the abundance in my life and the wonderful opportunities I have had to enrich my life. The children’s easy acceptance of their comparatively hard life has been an eye opener to me. Their  persistence in reaching upwards and learning more proves to me  that nothing is impossible. With every effort they make, they are nearing their goal inch by inch. There is no slacking  in their efforts. I hope I am up to their mark in effort and outlook.

Sapna Parekh is one of the most dedicated volunteers of Siragugal. Energetic and young, she can take on any number of children and keep them dancing to her tunes, literally. 

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