Career Counselling -2

Our second shot at Career Counselling was at the Govt. Higher Secondary School, Ooty. We were given 2 hours and a date. The day before Dday, the Headmistress wouldnt pick up calls. So it took some time to track her down. And another day was fixed.

I turned up in the morning to make sure this day too wouldnt get cancelled. At first sight, the Head Mistress, Rukmini said, Today. Not possible. The 10th are having revision. I just said ‘ you promised and we’ve invited lots of people’. And sat there and smiled. While I prayed internally . Through gritted teeth.

She called some of the teachers and there were lots of consultations.Finally , they decided to hold the revision test immediately , freeing the 10th standard in the afternoon. And the teachers were cooperative.


At 1.45, we put up the banners.  The ninth and tenth standards were assembled in a large classroom, which was swept clean. Some desks were put up in front and some nice tablecloths were produced 🙂


Shanta who was very helpful in setting it up. She teaches Social Sciences and is very dedicated.

The first speaker was Venkatesh of DCIS. He gave a good talk about career and vision in software and hardware. Next was Proff Shanthi of the Department of Horticulture who highlighted all the colleges offering various courses in TN.

Ganapathy of GoodLuck Printers whom I had called at the last minute, had studied the boys while waiting. He gave them a short but forceful talk motivating them and said he would be prepared to sponsor any child who got more than 450 in the 10th through plus two.

Proff Jawahar of JSS College put away his prepared speech and spoke to the boys , man to man, saying even he had studied in a govt school but had managed to rise up.


Anand  , with 18 years of IAF experience told them how they could get a good job right after Plus two with a very good salary and all things provided.

Chef Nataraj of Sullivan Court gave them a glimpse of the kitchen and what it takes to work there.. He promised to show them around the kitchen of the hotel.

Sangeetha, one of the volunteers at Siragugal gave a rousing speech at the end telling the boys they need hard work, sincerity and passion whatever profession they choose.

All the speakers were very happy to have spoken to such children who really need guidance. Call me anytime they all said.


The children come from broken homes, single parents, orphanages , govt hostels. The children who are not wanted in any other school, said one teacher succinctly. We felt we had done good even if 10% of the children were inspired by the talks.

And felt doubly rewarded when 4 children turned up at our Siragugal Library the next day.


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