Career Counselling -1

Come May, the children who have just passed Plus Two have little idea what to do next . Clutching their marksheets, they go to a college they have just heard of from a friend of a friend and enrol.  They have little idea what to do with their lives or where this course is going to take them. Their peers are their counsellors. Their parents have little option but to scrape the money together and acquiesce to their more educated, demanding children.

We thought we would give the children some idea of the courses and option available to them ahead of time. We would  take the people from various fields to the schools .

First on the list is Thalaiyattumund Municipal School. It is a middle school but children do tend to drop out after the eighth so it seems a good thing to put some ideas into their heads while they are still in school.


We had 10 speakers. Radiga did a good job talking about a career in teaching. She really communicated and interacted with the children. Sheela Powell, one of our own members spoke of Self Employment , and how important education is to run a business. Kanmani spoke of life as a lab technician. Nivishna , again one of our members, of a career in Science. Surprisingly, some of the girls do want to continue into research. A surprise visit was by two women policewomen who told the children how difficult the life of a policeman/woman is.  Still they wanted to become police men. Inspector Hemalatha said how superior she feels even in a crowd of 1000. The morning finished with the popular and glamorous Sangeetha talking of the life of a beautician. Even the policewomen were enthralled and want lessons.


Lunch break with a sponsored lunch for the children . They really enjoyed it.The teachers planned and cooked the lunch to cut costs.


After lunch two nurses from Parvathi Nursing Home spoke about nursing. Roopa livened up the children throughout with little physical exercises. Geetha took notes. Jyothi turned up to enthuse the children. Vasanth from Vijaya Bank gave them a grounding in banking and general motivation. Then came Rotarians Krishnaraj and Dr. Nivesh, a dentist. Krishanraj donated small gifts to the children.


The school was very cooperative. It depends on the Headmistress. Radha is a forward thinking and enthusiastic Headmistress , cooperative and happy when events take place in her school.


A wonderful day. Some of the parents had been coerced into attending. But, most of them were barely interested in what was being said. I is either beyond their comprehension or they cannot focus on long term plans when day to day problems are so pressing.   That makes it all the more worthwhile  even if we have reached the minds of only  a dozen children and given them some direction .


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