Drama Time

We’ve found that asking kids to write their own scripts for small skits opens them up. Making small groups  means everyone gets to participate. In 10 minutes they come up with a small play. The teacher helps with the English lines.

Today the idea was problems. First a discussion was held on the various kinds of problems they face.

At school – teasing, exam fear, fear of teachers. Sometimes boys talk badly about their parents.

At home – alcoholic fathers, quarreling parents.



They were then asked to create a skit about any one of these problems


   The boys tackled the problem of ragging. The aggressive stance of the Seniors and the
belligerent faces of the Juniors express well. They settled it by fisticuffs as usual which they enjoyed a lot.

One set of girls enacted a domestic scene with father beating up the wife, the child being unhappy and pleading with the mother. Finally, everyone apologises and the family settle down to dinner.

The third group took on financial concerns. No money to pay the rent and they borrow. The loan shark presses, the woman runs to all the people she knows and finally borrows money to pay him

All the children participated whWP_20140228_015oleheartedly and were very proud of their efforts.


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