In December and January, the children have been taken out quite a few times.

Avalanche: A day’s trip was organised to Avalanche by Jyothi. A Swaraj  Mazda was hired to take the 10 children and equally enthusiastic 10 adults to Avalanche. Picnic lunch, snacks, cakes, drinks, and games were taken along to make sure they had a great day. At Avalanche, there was a trip to the Trout breeding station and a trip in the government bus to Upper Bhavani.

Chocolate Museum : Which child doesn’t like chocolate? And which adult for that matter. Everyone was very keen to see the chocolate Museum on the HPF road. The process, the history, the range of artefacts made from chocolate had the kids enthralled and talking about it for weeks.

Bank Visit: As Part of the program to educate the children in real life activities, a visit to the Union Bank was Organised by Jyothi with the Rotary Club. The young bank manager, Gokul, was extremely enthusiastic and explained the process of saving money with the bank to the children. He also outlined how they could get a job with a bank. This time, the 8th standard children of the Thalaiyattumund school too were brought in a bus to join the CMM children.

Radio Program: Geetha  wove these visits into a question and answer session which was recorded by AIR OOty as part of a series of chats in English between children and teacher. The programs are to be aired to all the schools in Ooty soon.


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