An experiment in English Teaching

Brainstorming among the members of Siragugal, we  came up with a new idea  in the teaching of English. As Siragugal’s teachers are volunteers from the community, each person’s strength is in a different area. We wanted to give the children who come to Siragugal, some  skills which may help them in later life. And teach them in English so the children would learn more unconsciously.

And so we have

Sapna teaching Dance, Rupa doing Craft, Nivishna teaching Yoga and Science through Experiments with Waste; Sangeetha doing Art and Mehendi ( as a saleable skill) , Jyothi guiding them with computers to browse the Internet and of course English through Drama .

Once a week, we have one guest coming to talk about different topics with practical demonstrations. Good manners, First Aid, Basic finance, Nutrition and Hygiene, Vermicomposting ,Grooming… .. are all going to come up in the next few months.

So far, its been going right. And surprisingly, the boys have taken to Mehendi very well. Of course Dance is a super hit . Since Sapna can only communicate in English, they are picking up the Moves.

We hope this course will Groove.

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