Annual General Body Meet

The 4th AGM of Siragugal was held on Monday, the 3rd of June at our library premises.  It began with the admission of several new members which heralds fresh thought, ideas and hope .

A meeting devoid of much fanfare and protocol, it brought together like minded people and there was lots of healthy debate and discussion.

New members inducted today were Dr.Sheela Nambiar, Sapna, Sangeeetha Doulath, Preethi, Dr.Sindhura, Madhavi and Susan Daniel.

After an admission fee was paid, there was a small discussion on raising the fee. It was decided to keep it at this level to bring in many more new people into the fold.

Secretary Kalyani read out the report on the year’s activities which seem to have been quite a lot for an organisation of this size.

Jyothi read out the financial report and it was passed.

There was a lot of discussion on the way the next year’s activities should go.

Finally there was the election of the new executive committee and the new team will have Dr.Sheela Nambiar , Geetha Pillai, Kalyani, Sapna Parekh, Jyothi Doulath and  Anita Devaraj, a mix of the old and new.

IMG_2055President Dr.Vasantha makes a point. Seriously listening are Mr.B.J.Krishnan, Dr.Jeyaram and Dr.Vanaja Krishnan

IMG_2049Serenely smiling DrIndra Nambiar, Sumathi and Kalyani

IMG_2059Sapna, Dr.Sheela and Susan seriously consider a ratification

IMG_2056Madhavi debates with Sheela while Preethi happily look s on. Sangeetha does the hostess bit with coffee.


New members Doulath and Dr. Sindura are absorbing new ideas while biding their time

IMG_2052The meeting gets lighter. Jyothi dissolves in bright happy  laughter.

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