GivingBackjpgTxtGiving makes us happy.

But when we give, why do we hold back a little of ourselves? We stop just a little short of  wholeheartedness ; of making the gift complete. Something holds us back. We fear giving too much or having too much asked of us.

People like the idea of giving to underprivileged children.  They want to give a pencil or a book or food or ‘some  thing‘ to children under our umbrella. That is part of the Indian psyche.

But, when we ask them to come and distribute it in person, then they balk.

Why is is easier to give money or stuff rather than time or of  ourselves?  Is there a secret fear that actually makes people want to disassociate  from the poor? Or is it just laziness that prevents  people from spending an hour or two?  Or is  it a feeling of discomfort being with people from a different strata of society? Or a new situation?

Strangely, while people are happy to dole out money to buy a box of crayons to 50 children; they are loath to donate the same money to the organisation ; that seems to be money going to the adults who teach!

Human beings are full of paradoxes.

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