World Book Day

World Book Day , designated by UNESCO on April 23, as being close to the birth and death day of Shakespeare and Miguel Cervantes, would have gone largely ignored by us. But for a call from Grace, Headmistress of Elementary Municipal School, Main Bazaar.


The Govt had decreed that all children of the Municipal schools be taken to visit a library and be enrolled as members on World Book Day. She wanted to bring her children, all 27 of them to OUR LIBRARY.


So, we rose rather well, to the occasion in less than 24 hours.

Sapna said she would teach the children a song . ‘If you are Happy, then clap your hands..’


She followed it up with two simple games.

Meanwhile, Susan Daniels got her story ready. Susan wanted to go with chicken little to bring in some involvement with’bad touching ‘ because of everyone’s  deep concern with the recent spate of children being raped. She settled for The Three Pigs. And did a great story reading with lots of drama.


S of Hippocampus said we should display lots of books, even some covers on our T-shirts. And gave an idea for a good game with books. This wasn’t played eventually because the children really can’t read new words. We reserve it for older kids later.


Anitha Devraj turned up and took some great pictures  the best that have ever been taken so far at the Library.

Dr.Sheela Nambiar came and participated fully with the children. She has identified some under nourished children for follow up. While Susan has  offered to work with the slow ones.


Pavithra who had donated some money earlier to buy some presents for the children on the occasion of her son’s birthday gave some more to buy books for these children. They went home happily clutching a drawing book, an activity book and a pack of crayons.

Dowlath donated clothes from her shop for the children.


And of course, there were buns and biscuits. What is a function for kids without eats?


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