Beautiful Thalaiyattumund!

IMG_1896This was the backdrop to our play. Painted by Kalyani in 24 hours. It specified the spirit of the play – a clean and beautiful environment.


The Team: or most of it.

Daisy Paul came all the way from Coonoor to help it get staged. She was the originator of the idea of staging a play. Poor Daisy used to send the screenplay by mail and then turn up in a couple of days to find it all turned inside out.

Susan was the Theatre person. She started off by giving the children miming exercises, teaching them exaggerated movements; teaching them to let go and express, be free. In 6 days with an hour’s practice everyday, it was a wonderful effort.

Geetha turned up everyday to help the children practice their lines and make them go through it day after day.

Sapna turned up one day inspite of a lot of commitments and taught them a sizzling dance in one evening! The kids latched on and didn’t have to be taught again.They managed with little practice.

Jothi, Sumathi, turned up when they could to help.

Harshitha and Sangeetha helped a great deal with the props.

Sheela Nambiar helped with all the last minute props and masks of the tigers and bunny rabbits who were a great hit.

Kalyani, in whose home the practices where held had to supply tea and biscuits and generally driving people back and forth and getting them together.

The children were enthusiastic and energetic. So energetic and nonstop in their chatter and bickering that a great deal of the adult’s energy was spent in settling problems, wiping tears and getting them to make up. Another huge part was spent in discussing clothes and costumes. The need to apply ‘litick’ was discussed in great depth.

The play had 5 scenes with a great many comic elements which were enjoyed immensely. The theme was an old man talking to a young tourist and telling her of the days past when Thalaiyattumund was beautiful. Flashback to a scene of flowers and butterflies and gambolling tigers and rabbits and fresh water.

Cut to current day TM with a road that crooned and swayed. And silently moaned as housewives poured water and rubbish allover it. Greatly appreciated were the rowdies drinking and flinging bottles and cigarettes.

Interlude of a comic doctor who cures patients on his magic stool.

Then came the clean up brigade singing bits of paper and finally a sizzling dance.


lots of thank yous and we made a graceful exit.

All pics on facebook. please look us up there.

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