Volunteers Come together

A very productive meet happened this week  among the teachers and would be teachers of the Lets Speak English program. We met to review the program, discuss what we could do differently and ways to go ahead.

It created a lot of energy.  A meeting of equals with respect for all ideas. The youngest was Jude, an American student in the Hebron School who volunteers for reasons of his own . He listened to all the other speaking  and summarized very well and came up with incisive points.

Under discussion was the ongoing program to teach 30 children of the Thalaiyattumund school. Newcomers were surprised when they realized the cost of the program. And some volunteers were a little upset when they realized the program was to last only three months because they were getting attached to the children.

There was some debate over whether we should continue to teach this group to  a certain conclusion or help with many more students. Finally, we decided to meet with the parents and then make a decision.

What gained a lot of interest was the idea of two new people from Coonoor, Daisy Paul and Susan,  who want to introduce learning through drama. Members were so enthusiastic about the idea that the introducers were taken aback. It had been a bee buzzing around in their heads and now they were being forced to take some concrete action. We hope it will take some shape on Saturdays. And a cultural program can be presented to parents and all at the end of 3 months.

We were all so involved that no one  took any photographs. A photo op with some good looking women lost. Sometime it will happen.





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