New Initiative

Children drop into the library sporadically. Children who turn up one Saturday may not turn up on the next, so its hard to sustain any program.

We thought we must enlist the support of parents who can make sure that their children are there.

We met the parents of the Thalaiyattumund Municipal school at a PTA meeting. We asked them what they want. How do they want us to help their children. What visions do they have?

Their response was very enthusiastic. They see bright futures ahead for their children. They want English classes, Hindi classes, computers, karate, drawing and …

Why aren’t they coming there then? we asked. We don’t want to send them alone. We go off to work and we don’t think sending them alone by bus is safe.

But the parents were prepared to spend money if transport can be arranged.

It was decided to engage a few autos to send the children to our library everyday for 3 months . We would give them  an intensive course in Spoken English. The children have to be present everyday to benefit.

And so , we begin on December 19th, striking while the iron is still hot. We want a class of only 20 to start with. We plan to have lots of volunteers who might even take only one class. But a sense of involvement and ownership will begin, we hope.

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