Three years ago, we met at the house of BJ Krishnan and Vanaja.  With fanfare and happiness,  BJ handed over a document registering Siragugal as a Society.

It was Jyothi’s birthday and as our youngest and most enthusiastic member, we were happy to celebrate her birthday and our coming together as a body to create a library.

We didnt anticipate at the time of joyous celebration and anticipation, the two years of struggle, raised and dashed hopes  we would experience to find a room where we could establish a library.

But now, we have created a cosy and cheerful room where children can come and read. And we celebrated the anniversary with cake and laughter.



Our first idea was to create a reading room. And now we have done that, we want to move on.

We have seen that to read, children need the building blocks of vocabulary and a little bit of grammar. So now our goal is to  provide them at the elementary level to as many children as we can.

We are launching a program of teaching basic English words at two schools starting August.

Simultaneously, we are launching a program for ‘Speaking English’ on Saturdays  at our premises. 

And we also have the goal of buying a vehicle to ferry children to our programs as distance and transport seem to be the biggest blocks of children coming to our library. 

So these are our programs for the coming year.

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