Eureka Superkids

Eureka  Child Foundation runs a Superkids program in a 100 villages in Tamil Nadu.  A visit to one of the centers at Okkilipalayam a small hamlet near Malumichampatti, close to Eachanari Temple, outside Coimbatore was most gratifying.

Eureka  hosts its after school program ( 5to 8 p.m.) in any available space, in this case, in the courtyard of a house of one of the teachers. The children are divided into 3 groups by age and class. Each group has a teacher ( 10th standard to plus two) who are trained by Eureka to use their material to teach the children in English, Tamil, Maths and Science.

Eureka has created a variety of material to teach the children in innovative ways.

Story cards

Alphabets and small words

Jumbled sentences

Science experiments for seniors




















A senior students helping the juniors.

This is a very laudable effort and its done with little fanfare. Eureka has been reaching out to rural children for the past 12 years . They are certainly doing a marvellous job


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  1. dear sir
    very good method for aid india education in EUREKA super kids

    Ex.EBT for anaicut block

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