Drawing & Colouring Competition

Although we had called it the Drawing and Painting Competition, there was hardly any painting – just one entry.  So , its better termed the Drawing and Colouring Competition.

With 66 entries, participants overflowed from the library into the corridor and then into the garage space outside. Registration took a long time with smaller children barely able to tell their age and then the confusions of those proud statements ‘ 6th going to 7th’.

Juniors from LKG upwards were given ‘ My house” or ‘Sunrise’. They generally drew whatever they liked.

Middle school liked My  School – there were several nice representations – while a few opted for ‘Forest’.

High school chose ‘My Favorite Place’ over ‘Rain’.

We had to supply pencils, rubbers and lots of crayon boxes. Luckily we were able to rise to the demands.

With two judges cancelling at the last moment, Sumathi, an artist who kindly came from Kotagiri, was our sole judge.

Snacks were given to all the children while they waited anxiously. And, so they could take something home, certificates for all.

Most heartening was the solid presence of the press. English papers, Tamil papers, they all turned up and stayed. They took pictures, interviewed us and promised to give support wherever needed.

In all a great day.


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