Bird Watching

We started a new activity which we hope will become a long time feature. Bird watching. We did have many doubts about whether any kids would turn up at  7 a.m. But they were ready before us and eager to go.

Mr.Anand of Nilgiri Wildlife Society, a keen and experienced bird watcher, was our guide. Soft spoken and extremely patient with all the children’s queries,  he was a wonderful guide.

We never realized that so many birds can be spotted just in our own Botanical gardens.

Rules we learnt:

Notebook and pencil are more important than a camera.

A camera is a distraction when you are out there to watch birds.

Keen observation, focus and patience are important.

Bright coloured clothes are to be avoided

Size of the bird, colour, colour of the beak and feet are the first factors to be noted.

He showed us the  water moor hen, great tit, Jungle mynah, spotted dove, blue rock pigeon, red whiskered bulbul and the Oriental white eye.

Now, everyone is eagerly waiting the next trip.

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