The Library in Our Village

A Guest post from Sastha  Prakash, who is an Ooty ex-pat  and blogs at . He writes of his efforts to start a library in his Village.

I thought about starting a small library in our village eight months ago. Now, finally all pieces have fallen in place and we started functioning from January 7, 2012, with some books donated by friends and some from my own collection.

Now, we have about 45 members, both adults and children. Most of the books are in Malyalam with a few English books. We also subscribe to three Malayalam language newspapers.

On Sundays, we have some kids who come in the morning and we have a reading out loud  session as well as a story telling session. Mr.Shaji and Mr.Kumaran normally lead the reading session and continue it with a very interactive session.

We have about 300 books now and we are planning to read more in the coming days. I am trying to persuade some friends to donate a used computer for the kids.

On Friday and weekend evenings, I give lessons in Spoken English and writing in  English for seven students.

We hope to get recognition from the District Library Council soon.

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