Sports for the Juniors

April 24, 2012

Sumathi brought 18 children from the Elementary Municipal School, Ooty in the afternoon to introduce them to the Library.

Classes 2, 3, 4 and 5 combined present a total of 18. The dwindling numbers in Govt schools are a matter of concern – mostly to the teachers and headmasters who might find themselves unemployed. But should we be ? It is a sign to the  Govt schools that they  must perform better.

The program started off with reading as usual. Story cards donated by Vidyarambam trust are most useful. At this age, they were unable to recount the story but read well.

And then we had the sports events. Lots of merriment, laughter, cheering, competition and happiness.

Sumathi and Geetha who had organised the games were in full form, even participating in the three legged race. Sheela too became full of memories, teaching the children the technique so they wouldn’t keel over.

Anandhi who had come to visit enjoyed the day so much that she promised to collect as many donations as she could.

Prizes were given away by Sumathi’s mother. All the prizes were donated by Jyothi, who unfortunately, couldnt be present.

While a number of prizes were distributed, the faces of those who didn’t win were so woebegone inspite of sweets and biscuits, that we gave out a pencil each. Thanks to WWF and Mohanraj.

All in all, a fun afternoon for all.

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