April 4th, 2012

Excitement bounds from the early hours. Some of the children report at Sheela’s house as early as 7.30 a.m. We are supposed to gather early to do one more rehearsal, but that doesn’t quite work.

12 children, 4 adults, on driver and one large keyboard, we set off for the radio station in 2 cars , packed with just enough breathing space. The kids are in their Sunday best. We are earlier than most of the employees of the station.

Agreements signed, recording starts. Some of the children are nervous. There are a few retakes. But for the most part, it goes off very well.

But then, he says, you’ve used only half of your alloted 30 minutes. So there is a lot of improvision and a lot of poems, songs, Tirukkural recitations and we re done. Its lunch time and the kids are worn out with the excitement and hunger. They are a subdued lot when we get back to the library.

We’ve arranged for lunch and they perk up once more..

since photographs are not allowed inside the radio station.. not even with backs towards the building, we take a few pictures in the garden.


L to R:

(front row) Abishek, Praveen, Shalom, Harish, Rebecca, Deepika, Sindhu, Jeevitha

(back row) Geetha, Asha, Sowmya, Haripriya, Bhuvaneswari, Kalyani


With Sumathi this time



With Madhavi, Station Director, AIR  Ootacamund and Sheela

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