Keep knocking and the door will swing open someday

March 27, 2012

Suddenly, CMS school calls and says they will send one class this afternoon. We say okay of course. An orderly group of 20 boys from the eighth standard appear. They read the small Tamil books in silence ( there are two teachers accompanying them) for 30 minutes after our initial introduction. And then many of them come up to share what they read.

They want more Tamil books, science .

For the last half hour, we give them some board games and jigsaw puzzles. They are quietly engaged and seem happy.

More than happy, it looks like later when the (new) Headmistress calls enthusiastically. She and the teachers recognize the need for children to break out of the classroom and have a change. They are all wildly enthusiatic. And of course, so are we.This is what we have been asking for so many months.

The next day, comes standard 7 and 

then we keep going….. :-))








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