The competition – Nov 5, 2011

A terrific day for us as we inaugurate activities at our new room with inter school competitions.

The banner is ready and hung up among hectic efforts to get the room ready. Parents and children arrive almost as we do, early and enthusiastic.

Elocution competition

The judges – Saideepa and Murugaiyan – from hpf who sportingly agreed to come and were very involved

Another speaker from Gell Memorial ponders seriously the question ” If I became the Collector of the Nilgiris…” while essay writers scribble furiously in the background, on ” My Favorite Sport”

Esther Jerome, yet again someone who willingly dropped her schedule to take part as judge; talks on how important reading is to foster creativity and imagination


Writers write seriously

And the painters paint seriously, leaving their snacks untouched. The refreshments were  a gesture that was touched on by one of the judges later with great appreciation; suprisingly many schools don’t refresh their participants with food.









The Quiz: Another impromptu affair organised by Saideepa and Muruguaiyan while the results were being toted up. They went into Tamil literature, stepping up the the intensity of the questions as they were answered.  They did a great job and the children were very enthusiastic too.









Bj Krishnan and Dr.Vanaja came a bit later, in time to give away the prizes. Thalaiyattumund School winners receiving their prizes.



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