Monday morning is the time to attack Govt officers in their dens and we started early today. 10.30 a.m. is pretty early for govt offices and for a town deluged by rains and being threatened to be cut off any day by landslides.

The Asst.District Elementary Schools Officer was in his seat. And he was pretty nice  when we explained that

1) we wanted him to spread the word about the existence of the library to all the schools in his charge

2) we wanted to hold a competition among the schools and the schools needed his permission to send children to attend the competition

He said he/we would have to get the OK from the Disrtict Elementary Schools Officer whose office was in coonoor. Our eyes must have rolled a bit, because he would send it along but we would have to get the letter to him pronto. So a huge rush to get the letter to his hand before noon.

And then we visited the CEO, the Chief Educational Officer to get his blessings for the High School/ Higher Secondary children to visit our premises.

The ADEO had given us a list of middle schools; so we had to draft letters to all the Headmasters explaining the aims of Siragugal and the competitons we plan to hold.

We thought this letter would be better written in Tamil, but actually getting  letters drafted in tamil and then finding someone competent to type it accurately took several hours.

But the letters should be on their way tomorrow.



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