A Room of Our Own!

July 14, 2011

Siragugal was an idea born a few years ago.  A group of people came together with the  idea of creating a child friendly , free library where kids could spread their wings.

We hoped the  authorities would give us a  space  to  start. While many promises  were made, it was not to be.

After months of knocking at doors and ceaseless search,  we managed to find a room of our own for our library.  And it was worth the wait. A lovely,  calm space awaited us.

One of our members, Sheela; made this possible.  We decided to move in immediately with a small ceremony even though half the Siragugal group was away. Meet some of the group in the pictures, taken during the inaugural.

Happiness abounds as we conduct a simple ceremony, each of us lighting the lamp, starting off with the youngest.

Jothi , the youngest member, lightens us up

Vanaja adds brightness and the quirkiness that is needed to stir up doughy self-importance

BJ Krishnan- our guiding light gives us stability and sense . He  uplifts us with his  clear vision 

Kalyani and Sheela- Two of the pillars who got it going 

PriyaDarshini was a committed worker – even turning up with  Baby Advaith 

Refreshments  of course  makes an occasion complete.  

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